Beautiful. Light.

So the missus gives me a ‘butterfly’ LED torch for Christmas and I think, Wow: it creates a fantastic beauty light! So I get her to stand in front of our fridge and take a quick snap. . . Beautiful.

Alex Wallace shoots gopher!

Spent the morning shooting corporate portraits for online search engine Gopher. Got some cool shots! This is their top dog, John Campbell.

Grande Canyon.

Phone snap of the Grand Canyon. Flew in early this morning for a look around. Amazing experience!

John Key, Prime Minister.

I took this photo of John Key . . . . And he gave me a signed copy!

Thanks to the crew.

Just got back from 2 days shooting in Tauranga and big thanks to the wife and kids for a warm welcome when I got home.

Top Models

Here I am schmoozing with the models from today’s shoot: for Metlifecare in Tauranga.

Team Photo

The Alex Wallace Photography team with rugby legend Benji Marshall. We snapped this at the end of yesterdays shoot with Benji. The shoot was for ad agency Big Communications and their client Blues Rugby. Benji is the big new signing and we spent the afternoon shooting promo campaign material for the forthcoming season. The eagle […]

Benji Marshall.

Photographing the legend, Benji Marshall today. Should be a good one! Watch this space. . . .

Spartan Warrior

Photographed a spartan warrior at Ludus Magnus gym yesterday. Don’t pick a fight with this guy!

Summer’s coming

Today’s shoot has got me really excited about the prospect of a long hot summer: we were shooting a promotion for Brumbys Bakery. Fresh bread, crisp colorful salads, char grilled steaks and warm summer sunshine flooding the scene . . . At least that’s how it will appear in the pics!