Sunset Strip

Get set for a another dose of photographic goodness. This month has been a buster with a heap of jobs and some pretty cool photos to show you. As ever they can’t all make the newsletter so here are the best of the best. Mr Eds. Eds is my go-to-man whenever I need a shot […]

Auckland From a Different Perspective

I had a great opportunity to see Auckland from a different perspective last week:  up in a helicopter shooting images for Ports Of Auckland.  I loved every second of it and although we lost the sun toward the end of the flight, the incoming cloud made for some spectacular skies.  I’ll post some of the […]

School Kids at Avondale Primary

And now to the other end of the spectrum.  Photographed some school kids today at Avondale Primary.  The job was for Progressive Enterprises who are opening a new supermarket in the area. While working with kids is often a real headache, these guys couldn’t have been easier and we got some great shots.

Redpsark Creative at Aria Group Retirement Villages

I photographed a guy today who was 98 yrs old!  I was shooting a job for Redpsark Creative at Aria Group retirement villages.  These shoots always take a long time as the old folks love to chat!  Frank – the 98 yr old – was the star of the day.  Though he had trouble getting […]