Sunset Strip

Get set for a another dose of photographic goodness. This month has been a buster with a heap of jobs and some pretty cool photos to show you. As ever they can’t all make the newsletter so here are the best of the best.

Mr Eds.

Eds is my go-to-man whenever I need a shot of a flying Maori warrior – which oddly enough has been on several occasions in the past. This image was shot as a self promo spread in the just published ‘Cliq” photographers directory. The shoot went beautifully to plan: set-up kit, wait for sunset and hope rising tide reaches lights at critical time. Get Eds to leap in air and strike epic poses – click, click, click, in the bag! But then came the hard part: Stacking the kit trolley with 80kgs of kit and hauling it back up the hill to the car . . . . . . luckily I had brought my warrior along to do the grunt work.

Sibelco Mining.

Probably my favourite job of the year so far; 100 tonne trucks, enormous excavators, cavernous mine sites, heat, dust, snakes . .  . loved every minute of it.

I flew out to the aptly named town of Rockhampton, an hour north of Brisbane and spent a week shooting the mining operations of Sibelco.  These guys, carve up rocks, then wash, crush, grind and melt them down to make money.  It’s a fascinating operation run on a vast scale, that hinges on a crew of skilled workers and managers  – and it’s these people that were the focus of many of the shots.  Click on the image to see more from the mines.

Mister, can we have our ball back please?

The title says it all really.  This amusing concept for Barfoot & Thompson’s sponsorship of ITM rugby, came through agency, Big Communications, whom it has to be said, always deliver the goods.  The intention had been to shoot the whole image in a single frame but it soon became apparent that wasn’t gonna happen;  The fence was too high, the grass too sloped, the sky too cloudy and the ball too small.  Time therefore to call in the cavalry – Grant Allen at Slice Image Makers and let him deal with it.  Didn’t he do well!

That’s the lot – short and sweet.  Did I convince you to book me for your next job?



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