Blue Steel

August was  a great month for many reasons  – not least of which I spent a week relaxing with the family in Vanuatu.  Fortunately, before I flew out I was frantically busy and produced some rather beautiful work:

Ports of Auckland
Yep, I was up in a helicopter for this one!  I spent a very happy hour buzzing through the skies over Auckland harbour, hanging through an open door with numerous leashes attached to prevent any slip-ups or plummeting gear.  A 2kg camera to the head would smart somewhat if it did take a drop.  Many thanks to creative agency Insight  for the work . . . . . . . Is it right to call it work when it’s so much fun?

Vodafone? HSBC? Apple?
Who was the client here?  – Well possibly (and here’s hoping) all of the above;  These shots are part of a series created for the country’s premier stock library, PhotoNewzealand.  I spent the day stalking the city streets with 2 top models, Sam and James.  While relatively new to the game they knocked out the zoolander moves like catwalk dandys.

ICR Studio
Now here’s a house I’d love to live in.  Unfortunately it’s not for sale.  The house was beautifully designed by Phil Shaw and the team at ICR Studio and was a fantastic property to photograph.  No doubt pretty nice to live in too.

Hotel DeBrett
The luxurious Hotel DeBrett has recently been named the best in Australasia by the highly respected Expedia.  Naturally they weren’t going to let any monkey take their photos . . they hand picked their monkey instead. 

and finally the call to action:  you know what to do . . . . .


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