Underground photos

Commercial photography takes you to some amazing places: today I’ve been 200 meters down a narrow bore subterranean pipe. This was a grab shot of Steve my ‘loco driver’. I can now categorically say I don’t suffer from claustrophobia.

Mouse Attack!

The perils of a photographer: I’m shooting in the studio when this little fella scurried past and hid under a mannequin – foolishly leaving his tail poking out from underneath. But not quite so foolish as myself who picked him up by the tail and got bitten! This was snapped after we set him free […]

Colorful Critter

I’m often down the beach hunting for crabs with the kids. They’re colorful little critters that scurry around at lighting speed. (. . . As do the kids.) Anyhow, I took the camera and a lighting kit with me today and got some cool shots. Their red and purple hues contrasted beautifully with the vivid […]