Leaping Leo!

How’s this for a man enthusiastic about his job? And who wouldn’t be when you are assisting ME! All these were snapped whilst on assignment all over the South Island for agency BCG2 and their client FMG insurance.

Lake View? Don’t mind if I do.

Motel view -Wanaka style. This is how they do it down South.


Just landed in Queenstown for a 5 day photo shoot. Got a lot of driving ahead of us: 8 farms in 5 days for FMG insurance. Thanks for the dream job BCG2. Great Christmas present.

Got Mana?

No? . . . . Then get it! And that’s my shot is on the cover.

Stan Walker wears it well.

Stan Walker: singer, actor, X-Factor judge . . . And now the proud owner of an Alex Wallace Photography bucket hat. You know you’ve made it when you are ‘awarded’ one of these. I had the honour of Photographing Stan for Mana magazine and he is an absolute stirling chap. I couldn’t resist snapping this […]