AHM behind the scenes.

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes that gives you some idea of the lighting and set-up required to shoot this style of images.  The technique requires under-exposing the daylight so the background appears quite dark, but then illuminating the subject with flash.  The end result is a surreal, other-worldly look. These images were taken […]

We can fix him!

My Big Blue Studio

   Check out my big blue studio!  Ok it’s not all mine, more of a shared space I suppose.  It could just be the best in the world :  awesome light, copiously proportioned and the day rate : $Zero.  Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for the best pics.  But on this occasion […]

Cover of Mana Mag. Yussss!

Meet the neighbours.

 I was sent on an assignment for NZ geographic magazine and it turned out my subject was also my next door neighbour!  Emeline Afeaki-Mafileo and her family have recently moved in next door and little did I know what an amazing woman she is: running schools, charities . . . Oh, and the entire […]