Hunting cows

Been tryin ta shoot me some cows.

My friend Billy

Down on the farm shooting for Balance Agri-nutrients.

Mana Bus

Well this bus certainly has mana ; it’s the new sleeper class service with lie flat beds for over night trips.   We’re shooting tonight and the website with our shots launches Wednesday – that’s 3 days away!  Check out to see the results.  

Travel Time

Heading home after a brief sojourn in Christchurch shooting for Hawkins Construction and Harrison Grierson. Did you spot the classic kiwi newspaper headline above?

Working Holiday

There’s no time to relax on holiday when you’re in the Wallace family. I can always find good cause to put the homegrown talent to work;  Found this shot in Air NZs Kia Ora magazine.  Taken whilst we were on a weekend trip to Kerikeri last year. And another from the same trip below.


Photographed this monstrous silage loader earlier this week.  Pretty chunky piece of kit!

Where’s Wally?

I’ll tell you where I am : in a huge shed somewhere down Timaru way , with 1200 cows . . . . And I stink! 1200 cows means a whole lotta cow dung – which means a whole lotta smell.  The air is a pungent stinking soup and after 4 hrs inside, I have […]

Morning Glory

Auckland looked fantastic this morning from 1000ft. I spent 30 mins dangling out the door of a tin-pot Robinson helicopter snapping frames of a building for client, CAD Studio. Exhilarating stuff! 

Never trust a photographer . . 

. . . . It’s our business to lie.   Take today’s shoot for turners & Growers, fruit wholesalers; it would appear these photos were taken in a sunny country orchard. . . . But a behind the scenes frame reveals we were in a gloomy city boardroom and it’s pouring with rain outside.  So […]

Cloud over-view 

Clouds look even better from above!   Spotted these beauties on the way back from today’s shoot in Christchurch.