Big Pipe!

Bigpipe are a telecom provider – weird name I know.  Here I am with the marvelous marketing minds of agency Libby & Ben, whilst shooting talent for a forthcoming campaign – at the legendary Kingsize Studios might I add. The ads will be everywhere soon so keep your peepers peeled.

Feijoa Juice

Yesterday we were photographing the Hilton Auckland’s seriously flaaaash new restaurant, Fish.  The breakfast buffet is quite without equal.  Indeed they even had feijoa juice on tap!  The new standard has been set;  I’ll be demanding it on every shoot I do from now on. 

Mana Magazine

This months Mana Mag cover shot by . . . yours truly.   Jennifer Ward-Lealand photographed at home in her villa using a barrage of Canon Speedlites.


​​ Cows . . . Everywhere!  Surrounded by heifers whist shooting for FMG at the Limestone Downs in the Waikato.