Never trust a photographer . . 

. . . . It’s our business to lie.   Take today’s shoot for turners & Growers, fruit wholesalers; it would appear these photos were taken in a sunny country orchard. . . . But a behind the scenes frame reveals we were in a gloomy city boardroom and it’s pouring with rain outside.  So […]

Cloud over-view 

Clouds look even better from above!   Spotted these beauties on the way back from today’s shoot in Christchurch.


Yes that there is me in the bee suit, looking like a muppet.   But no I didn’t get stung despite thousands of concerted efforts from the occupants.

Bigpipe is everywhere!

This happy couple of data-junkies are currently on display everywhere:  bus-backs, billboards, online and posters countrywide. I shot the photos in Kingsize Studios for agency Libby and Ben.  Cool concept and slick execution.