Corp. Port.

Shooting a few corporate portraits today for Brookfields lawyers.

Tea time.

Tea pickers in China? . . . No. The Waikato. 2 day shoot for Zealong Tea Estate. – with as much tea as I can drink. And as an Englishman, that’s a lot!

More M Social

A few more photos from the new M Social Hotel in downtown Auckland. Hotels are always an enjoyable challenge: portraits, interiors, exteriors, food, details. Plenty to keep the creative juices flowing.

M Social.

Coolest new hotel downtown: M-Social.

Ahhh Samoa

A blistering quick 2 day shoot for Canon and BCG2 up in the islands.


Twice today I’ve been told that having your photo taken is like going to the dentist! Ouch. Shooting corporate portraits for DAC Beachcroft in the CBD.

Day 2.

2nd day in Taupo for James Hardie Cladding.

Bit Part

I’m just a small cog in a big machine today. Shooting still photos alongside a film crew and agency ( BCG2 ) guys, for James Hardie Cladding.


Just spotted my photograph of Beauden Barrett online. I’ll let you into a secret . . . The razor wasn’t even switched on!

Young Bloods.

Working in the studio today for South Seas Film & TV School.