Top of ASB Tower today snapping away for Precinct Properties.


Shooting log-fires on the beach for Rinnai. ( but there are no logs and we are not at the beach )

On track.

All day on the Auckland trains for QMS. Bloody well appointed they are too. Clean, spacious and quiet. Public transport is almost a pleasure.

All Black ( and flouro orangey yellow hues)

Shooting Scott Barrett today for Visibility Workwear.

North Shore

Took a flight up over the North Shore of Auckland this morning. Beautiful morning to get airborne. Shooting for Colliers International.

Tall Story

Shooting the 3 massive new cranes arriving into Ports of Auckland. They haven’t toppled into the harbour which is great news for all involved.

Big Lips.

Nice to see my work printed up nice n BIG! Shot this one for NZ Opera and BCG2.

Way out back of beyond.

Lugged our photo kit – and 50 kg of coiled steel – up a very steep hill yesterday. But damn it was worth every drop of sweat! Shooting for BCG2 and their client, Wiremark in the Medway Valley, Marlborough.

Barrel of laughs.

Fun day photographing at Forrest Wines in Marlborough. Pour me a large one sir!

Field Work.

Great evening to be out in a field shooting. Still road-tripping for FMG Insurance.