Safety First

Shoot with daredevil camera man Paul Taylor on Rangitoto.

Muddy Farmers

Playing in the mud for BCG2 and FMG Insurance.


Haven’t photographed the amber nectar for a while, but today is the day! Summit Ultra for DDB. Cheers.


Laurence modelling in our shoot for PBT Transport today. His day job is a courier trainer. . . Might be a new career path ahead of him!


My logo is currently undergoing a refresh and when my daughter Ava heard about this, she decided to throw her hat in the ring. What do you think to her efforts?

Tiri Tiri

Blessed with summer sunshine today on Tiri Tiri Matangi today for Fullers.

Boaty McBoatface.

It seemed like quite a big studio . . . . until we squeezed a 7 1/2 metre boat into it. Shooting this amphibious beast today for Smartypants and Tectrax.

No sugar required.

Perks of the job when shooting at Coca Cola Amatil: As much coke as you can drink!

Champion of the World.

This is world champion sprint kayaker Lisa Carrington enjoying a lazy walk in the spring sunshine with her dog. . . Or so it would appear. It’s was in fact damn chilly and blowing a gale during this shoot. – and that’s not to mention the torrential showers which blasted through every 10mins. You’d never […]

Higher learning.

Here are a couple of billboards featuring my shots and currently on display in West Auckland. Always enjoy shooting for ACG schools. Their kids always switch it on for the camera and do exactly what they’re told! If only all my subjects were so compliant.