Life in the slow-lane.

Full page pic. of mine in the Herald for Trailite motorhomes. Reminds me of what a great day shooting this was around the Awhitu peninsula. . . . Though shortly after we captured this the vehicle got bogged in sand and had to be towed out by a friendly local and his little red tractor!

Tiger Turf.

A good spritz is essential when shooting sports! In the studio shooting for Tiger Turf and agency ‘Saturday’.

Anyone for a coke?

Shooting the Coca Cola Amatil execs this morning.

Bigger is Better.

One of last years photos for ACG Schools. Currently displayed in ‘rather large’ format on Parnell Road.

Barfoot & Thompson: Day 397

It’s been a long, long shoot for Barfoot and Thompson. 73 branches to shoot and local landmarks for each. Not quite 397 days but it feels like it. Today I was shooting the Torbay area and took a hike through Long Bay reserve in 27c heat. Extremely hard going . . . But check out […]

Morning Fix.

Coffee at sunrise. . . I reckon it’s gonna be a great day!