Quick trip from Auckland to Christchurch then into Queenstown . . . On the ArdMore Flying School simulator.

Set-up Selfie.

Checking lights before today’s shoot at Anderson Lloyd. Gormless subject . . . but lights are spot-on!

Just kidding.

First time photographing a herd of goats . . . And they just might be the coolest animals I’ve ever shot! Here’s a few snaps on my phone from the back of the camera. Last day in the South Island for FMG Insurance. Looking forward to heading home.

Jersey Gals.

I’m betraying my Guernsey heritage and hanging out with the Jerseys today. We’re in the Rai Valley, Marlborough shooting for FMG. Bloody nice day for it. See for yourself:


Met this bunch of hooligans on today’s shoot: Travelling around a few farms for FMG Insurance in the South Island.

Bus Stop.

Spotted these 2 hanging around a bus stop at night : Lucy and Jason from Barfoot & Thompson. Shot this a couple of weeks ago in Coyle Park.

Right up there.

Desktop shooting on floor 39 of the ANZ Tower for DDB.

Mist Opportunities

Spent the day chasing deer through the fog for FMG. Riding shotgun in the Ute with Peter from Maple Valley Deer Farm. Here’s hoping for some sun tomorrow.