One Man & His Dog

High up in the tussock at Otematata Station shooting new imagery for FMG Insurance and their 2023 calendar.

Smoke & Mirrors.

Making science look cool for GNS Science in Taupo.

How do you like them apples?

Deep in the apple orchard shooting for FMG in Cromwell. Amazing weather and a stunning location!


There’s just no point trying to offer direction to young kids on photoshoots. You just have to let them loose and chase round after them whilst shooting thousands of frames! These are a few images taken last week for ACG schools Penguins and Remuera pre-schools.

Sun & Flowers

Shooting the sunflower harvest for FMG. 3 rd time lucky after 3 days waiting for the clouds to clear!

On the Run

We are shooting a series of relaxed light portraits for Barfoot & Thompson’s forthcoming centennial celebrations. All are fast and very simple to shoot; No more than 2 minutes per person. An 85mm f1.4 lens to create ‘the look’ and no lighting other than a simple silver/white reflector. I love working this way!


A day on location for Hyoumankind shooting their recovery pillows. My job’s easy when the models are this good. Nayara from 62 Management : what a pro!

Over & Out.

Final shoot off the year; At a mall fighting through an army of Christmas shoppers. Can’t think of many worse places to be right before Christmas, but on the plus side, I am making money, while they are spending it.


Choosing the right photography assistant is critical to the success of my job. One of the key requirements is how proactive they are in taking behind the scenes shots. – which is why Tom Witte is my go-to guy. These images were taken during yesterdays shoot for TrailLite motorhomes. Amazing weather and a great location […]


Back shooting TrailLite motorhomes. One day I’ll be able to afford one. 🙏