Fat Cow.

It’s not often you could utilise a title like this and not offend somebody: I photographed this big fat cow today whilst shooting the 2nd to last farm for the 2021 FMG calendar. Out on location in the Wairarapa at Maungahina Stud.

Bee friendly.

When everyone else is wearing bee suits and you are not, you have to question your choice of attire. Luckily the bees at Kiwitahi Honey are very friendly. No stings today!

Back to School.

Back to school for me and assistant Tom yesterday: shooting images for the new prospectus for ACG Strathallan.

Fish fight.

Quick shoot for Legasea this afternoon. These guys are fighting to rescue our fisheries from their current calamitous state. If you care in anyway about our oceans then please go look at their campaign here and sign the petition: https://rescuefish.co.nz/

Aye aye.

Annual report cover for the AA. Shot at the end of last year and spotted yesterday whilst shooting another job for them. Still get a buzz from seeing my work in print. Digital is usually the primary media now.


Auckland to Wanaka via . . . everywhere. and now heading back up North. Seen some sun, seen some rain. Seen some sheep. Lots and lots of sheep!

Kapiti Sunset.

Still on the road and after 2 days of rain the skies are clearing.

Road trippin.

2 weeks on the road shooting the FMG Insurance 2021 Calendar. A little bit later than usual thanks to that covid thingy . . . but better late than never. Featured above are Agrisea – turning seaweed into natural fertilisers, animal feed and even beauty products.

Back on the tools.

Good to be shooting again. Every job counts at present. Shot a few business portraits for BNZ yesterday and I can still remember how it’s done!

Back on top.

This one was taken a couple of years ago but published again at the weekend. Good to see the client still getting use out of it. Shot for agency ProCreation and their client Gerard Roofs.