Back in the game

Finally back at the Cordis Hotel to finish shooting their new tower.

Blown away.

I was supposed to be out on the water, shooting the arrival of MOL Shipping’s new vessel as it entered Auckland Harbour . . . But the 25knot winds scuppered those plans. so, instead I clambered the slopes of North Head and shot from afar. Proves there’s more than one way to skin a cat. […]

Lockdown Projects

Trying to keep myself busy during lockdown with some personal shoots. Basically my family are my models. . . . Luckily they are a photogenic bunch!

Cover Up

Shooting the new bee hives this morning for Ports of Auckland. How come I was the only one who didn’t get a protective hat and gloves?!

Up on a Hi-Rise for Prime Electrical.


Alpacas – definitely my new favourite animal. Photographed these guys yesterday afternoon at Shamarra Alpacas on very windy hill near Akaroa.


A week of flights around NZ shooting for FMG. Gotta love the job!

Photo Wall

Today, I discovered my very own photo wall at the Ports of Auckland head office. Who knew?!

Cordis BTS

Hard hats and hi viz to shoot a hotel? Yup. The almost, very nearly finished Cordis.


Cracking morning to be out shooting yesterday. Grabbed this aerial view of the city around 9am for CBRE. Love this low winter sun.