Over & Out.

Final shoot off the year; At a mall fighting through an army of Christmas shoppers. Can’t think of many worse places to be right before Christmas, but on the plus side, I am making money, while they are spending it.


Choosing the right photography assistant is critical to the success of my job. One of the key requirements is how proactive they are in taking behind the scenes shots. – which is why Tom Witte is my go-to guy. These images were taken during yesterdays shoot for TrailLite motorhomes. Amazing weather and a great location […]


Back shooting TrailLite motorhomes. One day I’ll be able to afford one. 🙏

Back in the game

Finally back at the Cordis Hotel to finish shooting their new tower.

Blown away.

I was supposed to be out on the water, shooting the arrival of MOL Shipping’s new vessel as it entered Auckland Harbour . . . But the 25knot winds scuppered those plans. so, instead I clambered the slopes of North Head and shot from afar. Proves there’s more than one way to skin a cat. […]

Lockdown Projects

Trying to keep myself busy during lockdown with some personal shoots. Basically my family are my models. . . . Luckily they are a photogenic bunch!

Cover Up

Shooting the new bee hives this morning for Ports of Auckland. How come I was the only one who didn’t get a protective hat and gloves?!

Up on a Hi-Rise for Prime Electrical.


Alpacas – definitely my new favourite animal. Photographed these guys yesterday afternoon at Shamarra Alpacas on very windy hill near Akaroa.


A week of flights around NZ shooting for FMG. Gotta love the job!